The most important reasons why you need to hide your IP address

You may think your IP address to be just a few digits, but for those snooping online for the perfect prey, it could be a goldmine of information, which they can use to access your confidential data and information or tempt you with scam emails or phishing. This is often regarded as the most important reason why you need to hide your IP address. But before you use tools like VPN for the purpose, knowing your IP address is crucial for checking if the tools or solutions you have applied for hiding your IP address are working or your IP is still leaking information about you.

Blocking the annoying ads and pop-ups by online marketers, who are always snooping on your online browsing habits, is another big reason why you should hide your IP address. By following your digital trail, most online marketers and advertisers show you ads that you may be most interested in or which are related to your recent online searches. When you hide your IP, such tactics would no longer work, and you will not need to worry about being interfered with a pop-up here and a notification there in between your browsing sessions or while reading an interesting article.

Whether it’s for work or pure entertainment, you may often find yourself unable to access individual websites, since they are not available in your location. By disguising your IP, you can quickly locate such sites and their content. While this could help many in their education or professional lives, some others may find it incredibly satisfying to stream their favorite movies and TV shows unhindered. If you belong to either of these categories, this is a significant reason to hide your IP address.

When using public Wi-Fi, hiding your IP gives your confidential data and information an additional layer of protection. Else, you may fall prey to attackers who are just waiting for a chance to use the insecure connection and trigger MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks for getting their hands on your personal information. Though you should ideally avoid using such public Wi-Fi hotspots as they are insecure, disguising your IP is the second best option in case you must use these connections.


Keeping your IP address open for everyone to see is like inviting everyone, especially those with malicious intent, to snoop on your browsing habits and activities. So, it pays to hide it for the reasons we have mentioned above.