Speed Reading Apps: Reviews of Some of the Best

Speed Reading Apps-Reviews of Some of the Best

Many people these days read information and text on devices such as their smartphones or tablets. The increased use of devices such as these, combined with the availability of more content such as eBooks and online magazines, has made this a very popular method of reading. In addition, there are now a number of great speed reading apps that can enhance and improve your reading speed. Some apps can provide you with information and help relating to techniques that can help to improve your reading speed and comprehension. Other apps work by using visual features to help you to process the content more quickly.

Some of the top apps

You will find a range of speed reading apps on the market these days, making it easy for you to improve your reading speed and take in information more quickly and efficiently. Some of the top ones that you can choose from include:

  • Spreader: Designed for use on iOS devices, this app is totally free to download. It can help you to improve your reading speed in a number of ways. First off, it provides valuable training designed to teach you how to increase your reading speed. Secondly, it uses visuals to make the information easier to take in, which will also increase your reading speed. There are various difficulty levels that can be used for practicing. The app even offers social media sharing capabilities along with a number of other useful features.
  • ReadMe!: ReadMe! is an app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. This is an eBook reader that comes with a range of premium speed reading features that can help to boost your reading speed to 450+ words per minute. Powered by Spritz, the app uses high tech methods to help improve your reading speed. This includes providing quick and easy word identification through highlighting ‘optical recognition points’. You will find a range of other features with this app, including bookmarks and a range of color schemes.
  • Reading Trainer: The Reading Trainer app can be used on Android, iOS and Windows devices. It can be downloaded for a small fee and provides a very useful speed reading training course to help you improve your reading speed. You will find a variety of different courses available on this app as well as exercises designed to help you to boost the rate at which you read naturally.
  • A Faster Reader: This speed reading app is designed for use with Android devices and uses the RSVP method to flash up words on the screen. You can use this app with a range of different reader services and it is completely free of charge to download. There are various interface themes that come with this app and speeds can be configured to suit your needs. The free app limitation is 350 words per minute but there is also a paid-for option that can remove this ceiling limit.
  • Boba: The Boba app is a free speed reading app designed for use with iOS devices. This Spritz-enabled app makes it easy to speed read website content, articles and other information on your device. It also has a Safari extension so you can speed read within the app itself or use the Safari extension. The reading speed can be configured so you can set a word rate that feels comfortable for you. You will need to be connected to the internet in order to speed read through this app.

All of these speed reading apps can make light work of reading content on your mobile device. This means that you can take in and comprehend data more quickly and easily.